Monday, June 17, 2019

Why Less Homework Should be Assigned to Students Essay

Why Less Homework Should be Assigned to Students - Essay ExampleSuch an increase in the workload of the students has created extra accent mark for the students besides allowing schools to compete with each other. It is argued that the schools have deliberately increased the level of difficulty of the curriculum therefore naturally the volume and extent of preparedness abandoned to students has increased too. (HU)It is also critical to note that teachers claim that more formulation actually increases the capability of the students to face the world and its challenges. However, studies do suggest that doing extensive homework in the school has little or no effect on the study skills of the students during their college. During college days, students actually have a lot of time to study as they only have few study sessions during the week.More amount of homework therefore not only make the students physical exhausted but it rat also create mental fatigue. Carrying heavier books inc reases the weight which students have to carry thus making them physically fatigued.The above arguments, therefore, suggest that there should be less homework assigned and the students must be allowed to relax and have a lower amount of homework. There is a greater need to re-design and re-develop the way students are taught at schools. This can help the students to have less homework and more chances to engage themselves in creative and innovative activities.

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