Saturday, August 24, 2019

Final Exam Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Final Exam - Assignment Example The number of women will be set as a percentage of the total number of employees. To ensure that there is no salary discrimination, Boeing should adopt a policy of paying their staff depending on their experience and expertise, rather than based on their gender or race. Organizational culture is the accepted way of â€Å"thinking, feeling and acting† in an organization (Bechrast 2). It then follows that ethical organizational culture is the accepted way of thinking, feeling and acting in an organization when it comes to ethics. From this article, it is obvious that discrimination based on gender is a form of organizational culture in Boeing. This is a negative and repressive organizational culture since it leads to the suffering of other people in the organization. The fact that 60% of female employees in Boeing took part in this lawsuit is an indication that this culture is deeply rooted in this organization. In setting the price for the rooms, food and tickets to attend a Notre Dame game, there are several moral and ethical considerations that have to be made. The first is discrimination. By increasing their prices for these facilities when there are games taking place, these business men are discriminating against people who cannot afford such kind of spending. It is only the rich who then get to attend the games and stay in the best hotels. As such, there is no accessibility to these services as a result of their pricing. There is also the issue of price fixing. The owners of businesses collude every time there is a game so that they can fix the prices that they will charge. The consumer has no choice but to pay these prices. Abdication can be defined as the act of abandoning a position of power or responsibility (Bechrast 3). Moral abdication then is the act of abandoning all moral obligations or responsibilities as one embarks on an activity. It is without doubt that charging exorbitant prices is â€Å"an

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