Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Evaluating the effectiveness of peer mediation as a way of resolving Essay

Evaluating the effectiveness of peer mediation as a way of resolving disputes among children in Britain - Essay Example In this session we consider some of the conflicting forces operating on children's peer relationships in contemporary Britain. What does the term peer mediation mean Mediation as we all know is the process whereby people involved in a dispute enter into an agreement to sort out their differences through negotiations. The process is observed by a neutral person and after an amicable solution is arrived at, the two varying parties sign an agreement. The neutral observer neither gives any advice nor imposes a solution.1 This process quite similar to the system devised for schools. In schools though, students are taught the process on similar lines. The students who qualify can register as peer mediators. Students in pairs mediating disputes among other students are what peer mediation is all about. The peers mediate between students who are much younger than them. Conflict Resolution is a phrase used commonly among the skills and techniques imparted during training. It encompasses a number of approaches, including restorative justice, anti-bullying workshops, peer leadership training, counselling, mentoring, and multicultural programmes dealing with prejudice and stereotypes.2 It is noted that when young people are imparted with proper training and given ample support, they can resolve problems on their own.

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