Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 33

Case Study Example The virtual project teams at TRW are based on trust, fairness and respect among the members. The project teams also comprise members with different education, skills and experiences thus are also to collaborate in attaining the goals. However, due to lack of face to face meetings, the virtual teams may take long to resolve conflicts or build consensus. TRW teams may fail due to distractions and lack of engagement during the virtual meetings (Forsyth 56). The steps of TRW’s GRPI model corresponds to the two perspectives of group development described in this chapter. According to Tuckman’s stages model, group development starts with the forming stages whereby group members learn about each other and objectives of the group. The second stage is storming stage whereby group members engage with each other and build group cohesion. The third stage is norming stage whereby the members will lay the rules, the communication channels. The fourth stage is performing stage whereby group members implement the objectives of the group while the last stage is the adjournment stage whereby the project ends. TRW’s GRPI model corresponds to Tuckman’s stages perspective since the first stage is explaining the goals of project to all members and developing a common vision for the project which is similar to forming stage. The second step is outlining the goals of each member, the task and responsibilities which is similar to storming stage of Tuckman’s perspective. The third step of GRPI model is determining channels of communications, schedules and meeting times and agendas which are similar to norming stage whereby group members lay rules of the group including communication mechanisms. The last component of GRPI model is defining how to manage any interpersonal conflicts thus this is similar to performing stage of Tuckman’s group development perspective

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