Sunday, October 13, 2019

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Method Sabri Can ERDOÄžAN, Yalà §Ã„ ±n ARI, Yunus Emre ÇALIK This study will be conducted in quantitative method. We will collect data from two different tests to determine the correlation between two different variables. Therefore, "Correlational Design† is most appropriate design for our study. Sampling type of this study is Cluster sampling because it provides us to save travelling time and consequent reduction in cost. In this perspective, our participants are university students in Istanbul. We will list all universities in Istanbul and randomly select 3 state universities. Ethnicity, religious, social status and race varieties of the students in state universities pushed us to select participants from state universities. We will use 50 participants from each university and total number of participants will be 150 university students. Those 50 students will be selected conveniently. We will try to find out correlation between religiosity and acceptance of evolution theory. Since we have two different variables, we will use different instrument for each. These instruments consis...

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